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Creative Collaboration

Welcome to Avalene Gallery ~ a place to experience and acquire exceptional art while in the comfort of your own home.

Not all of the artwork information is posted yet, so if you have any questions as to size, title, price, medium or are curious about one of our artists, just contact us for further details.  New information gets posted regularly, so visit our site again soon! 

For more information you may click on the Contact Us link highlighted below or call (800)580-8891.

Featured Artist: Steven Lee Smeltzer

Bronze ~ Fiala, The Angel of Villusions ~ close up

Guardian of Spice ~ Lavender

Bronze ~ Tequa, The Angel of Balance" ~ close up

Studio visits are welcome for a variety of artists. For more info call (800) 580-8891


Home | Gallery | Artists | Gifts | About Us | Shipping

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