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Jan Kasprzycki
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Florence Alleyway Front St., Lahaina
Gohan Grandeur giclee
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Sumo wrestlers with referee(s) and audience.  One of a kind oil on paper print and mirror imaged plates shown together.  Print comprised of six seperate pieces hung together; same with plate(s).  Print is on the left side, plates on the right.  Plate "set" and print "set" may be sold seperately.  Gohan translates as "rice".  Orignal work created for a show called "Feast or Famine".  Size and price quoted is for either print "set" or plate "set" sold seperately; both "sets" together creates an 88" x 188" artwork.  Contact us for a price quote for both print and plate sets combined to hang as one unique artwork.

Item # Description Size Medium Edition Price Unit  
KAJ06-02.0005 oil on paper and plexiglass, unframed 88" x 94" Oil n/a $38,000.00 n/a
Lisa Kasprzycki Tom Faught Al Rabold
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